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North Ponds Park 
Looking north from the front of the park
Looking SW towards 104
West side of the park looking south
East side of park looking north
Looking south on top of the "ridge" that runs between the ponds that will be artist parking and access to the north end of the festival.
45th Annual Waterfront Art Festival
 July 28 & 29, 2018 in WEBSTER, NY
10 - 5 Saturday & Sunday
Here's the basic 2017 info:

Single space $220, 1 1/2 space $330, double space $450 plus the non-refundable application fee of $30. Deadline to reserve 2016 space & avoid late fees is to have your application postmarked or emailed on or by MARCH 17.

We'll fence off the perimeter of the Festival and charge $3 admission and that also let's us do a good job of securing the Festival at night so you don't worry so much about your goods. Of course, there are no guarantees that someone can't get in but it is a strong deterrent. 
Come join us at the 44th annual Waterfront Art Festival ! We’re an outdoor, juried Festival in Webster, NY – an eastern, affluent suburb of Rochester. The Festival is held in North Ponds Park, located along Route 104, the main traffic artery between Rochester and several of the area’s manufacturing companies including the main Xerox campus. 

The Festival is laid out in a circle around a large pond and offers a nice mix of shady and sunny spaces on grass, most with some elbow room between artists and storage space behind. Artists are able to drive up to their space to unload their equipment and product before moving their vehicle to the free artist parking just outside the Festival grounds and of course to reverse that when they are packed up and ready to leave. 

The Festival is gated and charges a small admission of $3.00 per adult. We have live music in the blues, jazz & soft rock genre playing at reasonable volume all day, a full food court, and a wine & beer tastings tent. 

The Jurors & I work hard to assemble a mix of high quality, original art and craft offerings in all price ranges. We encourage artists to demonstrate their skills to both entertain the visitors and to build a better bond that can lead to improved sales. 

This is definitely not the largest Festival in the region. We usually have between 120 and 140 artists and we plan for about 10,000 paid visitors for the weekend. One thing we hear often is that artists tend to sell just as well at this smaller Festival as at the larger ones. Maybe the small admission charge encourages buyers to attend vs. the more common “just looking” visitors. I have talked to many artists who say they are better able to interact with fewer, more serious visitors and that can lead to better sales. 

I hope you’ll give joining us serious consideration. You are always welcome to review the artist's images to see how your work would fit in and I encourage you to contact any of the artists you know directly to get the scoop from their perspective. 

Please join us !

You can pay via PayPal or a credit card securely by clicking the drop down for TODAY'S date range & choosing the size you want. 

Here's the application packet for 2017.
Size & thru March 17
Size & March 18 thru June 30
Size & after June 30